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The Ring That Fit's

I have an entire collection of Rings Due to this I spend a lot of time making rings in the right size for my customers. No matter what size the rings are that I take to my shows, they are never the right size.

I used to feel quiet awkward when this happened but, not anymore. After many years of meeting customers it is now obvious, there is no 'standard' size, everyone is different and every ring is different.

A wider band ring will be a tighter fit than a narrow band ring of the same size when being put on the same finger. The reason for this is because more of your finger is inside the ring. Don't be surprised or dismayed if the ring you like needs to be a size or two bigger than the ring you used to have. It's a different ring and will be a different fit.

Oh, and most people find the fingers on their right hand are bigger than their left.

It doesn't matter if you think you have big hands, gardeners hands, short or long fingers I can make a ring to fit you. All you need to do is decide which ring you would like then contact me requesting a free finger measure. They're very easy to use, all I ask is that you are your usual running temperature so that an accurate measurement can be made.

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