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Modern, Rings, Fortuna

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from £45

Made entirely from different sized circles. Every piece starts life as textured wire. I then form the wire into all the circles I need to complete each piece. The first piece in this collection was made in 2000 and the newest additions combine silver with 9ct yellow gold.


from £311

Available in Silver, 9ct gold and 18ct gold. the organic texture and sprinkling of diamonds make my rings the most popular product I sell.


from £35

Fortuna is my newest collection featuring seven sided shapes in every piece. Fortuna, representing chance, luck and fate. She is the Roman goddess of chance, equivalent to the Greek goddess Tyche, the goddess of luck, (this could be good or bad luck) and therefore was also know as the goddess of fate. Seven sides because the Greek Palamedes gave Fortuna a set of dice, (rumoured to be the first ever dice) as a gift and each pair of sides on a dice adds up to seven.

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