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Not Always Jewellery

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I am also a Mum to an 8yr old son and although there is always a piece of jewellery to be made or email to respond to, sometimes I take time out to do something completely different of equal importance as running my business.

Yesterday it was to make an Easter egg. My Husband and I tempered chocolate and layer by layer coated the moulds to make our first ever chocolate egg.

It took a while and I didn't achieve as much as I had planned business wise.

That often happen with a kids.

I may have lost this time due to him being ill, instead I lost the time doing something fun and it was worth it.

Our son will be delighted on Easter Sunday when he cracks it open to find a sheet of paper containing clues to an Easter egg hunt that will take us out and about to our nearby streets.

Happy Easter to you all for next weekend.

The sun shone, everything went to plan, we had a lovely Easter Sunday. My son fave us 9n3/4 out of 10. 😁

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