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Commission Process

Updated: Feb 16

All commissions are individual the path from start to finish is usually very similar.

This is my latest commission, giving new life to a family heirloom.

Kate and I met, (in a semi crowded marquee. I looked into her eyes trying to see if she was smiling. Our mouths were covered by masks, due to being in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.... ha, ha, went a bit Mills and Boon there).

Kate and I did meet in a marquee at a show. Kate and her sister were having a great day and they spent quite a while trying on my jewellery especially the rings and asking questions.

Several months later Kate contacted me about the ring pictured top left. We discussed by email what Kate had in mind and she sent me photo's of the ring.

I drew designs and emailed with an idea of price's and asking Kate for feed back.

The response led to a final design drawing and agreed price. At this point Kate sent me her grandmother's ring.

At this point you leave it to me and I'll be in touch with progress reports and once the ring is ready.

Kate's ring was first made in wax. Cast into silver and 18cty gold.

The two pieces fitted back together. Followed by filing and finessing the form.

The ring was finished to a high polish ready for stone setting.

A final finish and clean once the stones were set. Time to send it to Kate. Fingers crossed she likes it.

Although all commissions are individual the path from start to finish is usually very similar.

Kates' response.

" Hi Deborah

Thanks so much, I received it today and I love it - its beautiful.

You've done a great job. I sent a pic to my Sister Alice who said ' stunning' .

Thank you so much - you're very talented.

Hope to see you at Hever in September!

Best wishes

Kate "

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